Visual Studio Extension – imbACE.BasicPack – Release Notes

The extension delivers multi-target C# (.NET 4.0, .NET 4.5 and .NET Standard) project templates, imbVeles (imbACE – Advanced Console Environment, imbSCI – Coding for Science) item templates and code snippets. Item templates cover: namespace XML documentation, imbACE Advanced Console and Plugin classes, imbSCI Global configuration and imbNLP Transliteration definition file. Project templates contain custom MSBuild target, that makes copy of NuGet .nupkg file to local NuGet repository, after each build.

imbACE BasicPack VS2017 Extension


Current version: v0.9

The next version  (v1.0) will be published within 14 days, all bugs reported&discovered will be resolved with the final release.

Project templates

Blank multi-target library project

C# Library project, targeting .NET 4.0, .NET 4.5 and .NET Standard 2.0.

The .csproj file contains:

  • optional build instruction to copy .nupkg file into local NuGet repository
  • declaration of compiler tags for each target
  • other helpful things.

See also:

imbACE Console Application multi-target

Project for imbACE console application, based on the “Blank multi-target library project”, with custom: Advanced Command Console, State and Workspace classes.

Targets: .NET 4.0, .NET 4.5 and .NET Standard.

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Item templates

  • Namespace documentation

C# file containing declarations of NamespaceDoc and NamespaceGroupDoc, private classes that are placeholders for XML documentation on the namespace and namespace group.

See also:

  • imbSCI Global configuration class

Configuration class for library-level static configuration data

See also:

  • imbACE Advanced Console

aceAdvancedConsole implementation bundle, with aceAdvancedState and aceAdvancedWorkspace classes.

See also:

  • imbACE Advanced Console Plugin

Template for a imbACE Advanced Console Plugin class

See also:

  • imbNLP Transliteration definition

Transliteteration specification file, used by imbNLP.Transliteration library

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imbVeles Snippets
All snippets start with _imb prefix

General snippets

Snippets, general in nature, not related to the imbVeles framework and its libraries.

  • _imbRegComplete

Complete bundle of String extension methods used to test, select, select all, and replace matches, with specified Regex expression

  • _imbRegStaticIs

Inserts static Regex property and String extension evaluation method

  • _imbStaticAutoObject

Static, class instance property, with thread-safe lazy initialization, performed on the first Get call

  • _imbPropDesc

Bindable property for INotifyPropertyChanged, with general data annotation attributes

  • _imbLock

Private locking property, to be consumed by thread lock instruction

Data annotation snippets

Snippets designed to ease use of imbSCI advanced reporting, documentation and imbACE (G)UI generation, trough attribute driven data annotation.

  • _imbSCI_Bool

Boolean property with common imbSCI data annotation attributes

  • _imbSCI_DoBool

Int32 property for natural number count, with common data annotation attributes

  • _imbSCI_Count

Int32 property for natural number count, with common data annotation attributes

  • _imbSCI_Percentage

Double property for ratio values (decimals), formated as percentage

  • _imbSCI_String

String property with some data annotation

  • _imbSCI_FileData

Property for class implementing IFileDataStructure, that will be saved in a separate file, in the subdirectory

See also:

imbACE snippets

The snippets designed to ease imbACE Console Application development.

  • _imbAceOperationMethod

Declaration of an ACE Operation method for Command Console, Screen, Console plugin – invocable from ACE Script

  • _imbAcePluginProp

Plugin property at IAceCommandConsole, with thread-safe lazy initialization

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