imbACE: Advanced Console Environment

imbACE (Advanced Console Environment) is an application framework for rapid development of scientific/experimentation command-line and console UI tools (including Text User Interface). The main goal of the project is to provide libraries with High Level API focused on: reporting & self-documenting, scripting & automation, modular (plugin) development, client/server architecture, data & objects serialization and other useful staff. It is meant for scientists and PhD students performing research in IT/Computing related fields, but not the ones from the Computing Sciences – as they usually have their own tools/libraries/frameworks. The main motivation for the imbACE is to help you with the “research environment setup”, in scenario where you need a custom-made toolkit to perform your research objective(s).

Libraries in the package and key features planed and/or implemented.

The imbACE is on top of imbSCI package, extending its functions towards more particular features.

What you can do with imbACE:

  • Create command-line tool, a colorful console tool with textual input line / console buffer output interface, ACE’s elementary TUI or ConsoleFramework‘s TUI
  • Script & automate execution with ACE script language or Sharp Script
  • Create plain text, markdown, HTML, spreadsheet (.xls / Excel), Word document, Flow Document … content using unified API, inspired by StringBuilder class
  • Save and load complex data structures (objects) in both computer and human readable form: directory tree with separate text/xml/spreadsheet files for different properties/members, auto generated read me file about directory content, textual log & etc.
  • Auto-generate help files describing your tool, plugin, its commands, properties, settings, command-line arguments
  • Perform file system tasks on higher level, not worrying about annoying things like: file auto-renaming, file auto-backup for overwrite or archived backup creation, directory creation
  • Send e-mails, coordinate your tools via TCP/IP server/client workflow, perform OpenAuth/FTP/REST tasks
  • Use centralized logging and crash reporting, monitor changes in directories to execute reaction tasks

♥ These are actually planned features, don’t get fooled by present time in the description 🙂

Future development ideas:

  • GUI toolkit for auto-generation of menus and resources tree-views
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