ACE Script

The ACE Script is a very simple language for sequential execution of imbACE Console’s operations, having no logic structures and flow control staff like if-then and switch blocks.

Script file should have extension *.ace . It is plain text file, encoded in UTF-8. Multi-line instructions are not supported: each operation call should be in its own and single line.

There are also few special types of operation calls, primarily intended for command line interface use:

  • To be prompted for each parameter of the operation

[operation name] *

  • To see help for a specific operation

[operation name] ?

  • To use operation with default argument values

[operation name]

Operation call expression may use implicit or explicit form:

  • Explicit form contains argument name for each argument of the operation

[operation name] [p1]=”a”;[p2]=”b”;[p3]=true;[p4]=4;

  • Implicit form provides argument values, in order as declared by the operation method

[operation name] “a”;”b”;true;4;

For both expression forms:

  • arguments are separated with dot-comma character
  • regardless to argument type, values may be quoted or not. It’s up to you. Proper quoting of a String type argument is required only when the value contains a reserved character (like: = or ; )
  • for arguments that are not specified default values are used
  • if the expression has more arguments then declared: they are simply ignored

Single-line C-style comments (//) are supported as both separate lines or in-line suffix, after an operation call. Empty lines are allowed.

The ACE Script is interpreted by an imbACE Console class, that is based on the base console class: aceCommandConsole. Therefore, operations declared in the aceCommandConsole class, or the aceAdvancedConsole class, are virtually the ACE Script’s default library aka API.

Operations of aceCommandConsole:

  • Help
    • Provides Type-specific help content for the console, lists of all supported commands, plugins, local variables…
    • If help option is not specified, it will ask user for type of help should be displayed
    • key: h
  • ClearScreen
    • Clears current view (console buffer)
    • alias: cls
  • Pause
    • Pauses the script execution (if any running) for the specified number of seconds
  • Abort
    • Aborts the script execution
  • Quit
    • Quits the application
    • key: q
  • Exit
    • Exits current console (it the current console is not the main console
    • key: x

Read more in API documentation about aceCommandConsole and aceAdvancedConsole methods.

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