imbSCI.Core: String and other general extensions

  • Object.toStringSafe
  • String.SplitSmart
  • String.isNullOrEmpty


Caption tools

  • imbTitleCamelOperation
    • Creates a properly spaced and cased caption/title, from a typical property name
  • imbGetWordAbbreviation
    • Makes word abbreviation with specified number of characters
  • imbGetAbbreviation
    • Makes an abbreviation from phrase of words, sentence or title

and much more…

Numerical value representation

  • DecimalToOrdinalLetterSystem
    • Extensions to convert an integer to an Excel column fashioned alphanumeric form
    • Reverse operation supported

and much more…

Collection of string tests

  • isQuotedSubSentence
    • Checks if the specified string contains a sub-sentence according to the general punctuation rules
  • isAccronimIrregular
    • Checks if it looks like an accronim / abbreviation
  • isPhoneNumer
    • Checks if it looks like a phone number
  • isSentenceCase
    • Checks if the string seems to be a regularly cased sentence
  • isAlphaNumericWord
    • Checks if the string is a word, containing both digits and letters
  • isEmailAddress
    • Checks if the string seems to be properly formatted email address

and much more…



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