Development goals for imbWBI framework

imbWBIWeb Business Intelligence libraries of imbVeles Framework. framework is envisioned as set of:

  • high-level business intelligence oriented components
  • mid-level web content processing toolkit

It is developed as both research and development toolkit for real application.

Planed scope of the application-level functionalities:

  • Business Entities Classification
  • Business Entities Clusterization
  • Web Harvesting – data extraction based on well-known content structure model, i.e. template data extraction)
  • Web Data Mining – more intelligent approach to Web Data Extraction, using general and non-wrapper techniques (mainly NLP stuff and pipeline model logic)
  • Ontology-based information extraction

The supportive layer includes the following, distinctive component:

  • Web Site Digestion – web site content pre-processing, moving closer to Information Extraction, from MCRepository content
  • Domain-specific ontology construction
  • Category knowledge constructor
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