imbWBI GUI is coming (back)

Originally, imbVeles project started around the end of 2012. From beginning, it was heavily relied on Windows Presentation Foundation GUI framework. About one and half years ago, in order to speed up the development of the core functionalities, to focus on cross-platform aspect & to enable terminal execution over PuTTy: I’ve scraped the complete WPF/XAML part of the project. Since then, it is console application environment instead of nice looking GUI.

Just recently, I’ve learnt that Microsoft finally made public reaffirmation of WPF/XAML, by including its new incarnation in .NET Core 2.0. After years of foggy situation, where it wasn’t clear if WPF will ever follow the rest of the .NET Framework on its open source evolution, we’ve finally got clear picture about their intentions with the technology. Therefore, I decided to reintroduce WPF GUI layer into the project. It will not come that soon, because of huge reform of the framework since last WPF tool version was built, but it will come.

Here are some screenshots of the old imbVeles Expert Tool:

imbVeles Expert Tool – adding research project modules

imbVeles Expert Tool – boot sequence

imbVeles Expert Tool – ACE Script visual editor



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