Creating your imbACE Console Application

Introduction The imbACE framework is all about rapid console tool applications development. The project’s goal is to provide completely automated UI/TUI/GUI generation, for multiple platforms – using data annotation and meta information from your IAceAdvancedConsole implementations. The consoles are execution context classes, where the ACE Script Operations (methods, that are interpreted also as ACE Script…

imbACE BasicPack – Getting Started with multi-target projects

Initial steps: Download the extension from Visual Studio Marketplace Install the extension Create new Solution and follow the tutorials below Tutorial: Creating multi-target Project in Visual Studio 2017 The main purpose of this template is to help you with setting up a multi-target project – a feature that is still only partially supported by the…

Visual Studio Extension – imbACE.BasicPack – Release Notes

The extension delivers multi-target C# (.NET 4.0, .NET 4.5 and .NET Standard) project templates, imbVeles (imbACE – Advanced Console Environment, imbSCI – Coding for Science) item templates and code snippets. Item templates cover: namespace XML documentation, imbACE Advanced Console and Plugin classes, imbSCI Global configuration and imbNLP Transliteration definition file. Project templates contain custom MSBuild target, that makes copy of NuGet .nupkg file to local NuGet repository, after each build.

Solution with multiple SDK projects, automatic NuGet version updating and .nupkg to local repository

Here are some tips/examples on setting up Visual Studio 2017, that helped me streamline development cycle when working with PackageReference / SDK / .NET Standard project types and building NuGet packages. The post covers: Building multiple targets (in this example: .NET 4.0, .NET 4.5 and .NET Standard) Setting different package references for different targets Setting…

imbSCI.BibTex – a library for BibTex format

After evaluating existing BibTex libraries for C# .NET, I decided to make my own. The most promising one ( proved to be incredibly show and buggy, once I tried to load a large BibTex file, exported from Mendeley Desktop. Therefore, I made imbSCI.BibTex from scratch, expanding functionality beyond what was provided by other open source projects.