imbVeles Framework is an open source project, organized in five Visual Studio solutions and corresponding GitHub repositories.  The credo is: “Coding for Science”, as its primary purpose is to help researchers in developing their, research specific, software tools. While the main focus of the framework follows my own research (knowledge extraction from the web content, applied for business intelligence in manufacturing systems and related fields), lower layers have more general value as they provide reporting, data annotation, aggregation and exchange tools.

imbSCI libraries will help you with in-code data annotation for easier reporting, some interesting data structures (like directed and free graphs, multidimensional collections…),  serialization and data manipulation, script driven reporting, single-model for multiple-outputs, static web site generation, generation of D3 (JavaScript) charts and graphs, text templates. Data formats covered: text, markdown, html, html-bootstrap, open document text, Excel spreadsheet, CSV, XML, JSON, R Tidy Dataset and more.

Working on my PhD research, I found that there are many layers and scenarios of reporting required, to support me during the research it self as well as during scientific article and supplemental material preparation. Therefore, the reporting, is a common denominator for imbSCI libraries.

imbACE is all about rapid console application development – any kind of console application. The main use case is: development of your research-specific console application/tool for automated experimentation, data processing and reporting. It contains several user input/output systems, parallel and persistent task management (single PC or network), its own ACE and S# script languages, graph-tree project resources management, work with RDF and MySQL entities, plugin API, download/upload tasks (http/ftp), TCP/IP server/client remote messaging and other things.

imbNLP covers Natural Language Processing and Web Content Mining operations, classes for Knowledge Extraction and Semantic techniques, data-structures for syntactic analysis, document decomposition algorithms, use and conversion of lexical resources and console application tool. The tool provides access to the core capabilities of the library and it is ready for stand alone use.

imbWEM contains imbVeles development kit for SM crawlers, common data-structures of crawler frontier and web sites, and console application tool to run customized and/or built-in SM-WBI crawlers and generate reports. Crawler Model has modular frontier ranking algorithm and introduces concept of layered frontier.

imbWBIWeb Business Intelligence libraries of imbVeles Framework. contains shared data-structures and classes for Web Business Intelligence application.


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