All the dictionaries conform to the DELAF formalism. A DELAF dictionary is a text file, each line representing an entry. The line representing a word contains the inflected form of the word, the lemma of the word and some grammatical, semantic and inflectional information. Here is a sample of the English simple word dictionary: acidize,.V:W:P1s:P2s:P1p:P2p:P3p…

Distributional Hypothesis

says that words that occur in the same contexts tend to have similar meaning. Z.Harris, 1954. Distributional Structure. In J. A. Fodor and J. J. Katz, editor, The Structure of Language, pages 33-49, Prentice-Hall

Finite State Transducer

FST – are used for recognition and tagging of open class compounds, digit written multiword numerals, words and combinations, digit-written numerals derived adjectives and adverbs, repeating patterns

Inflection transducers

An inflection transducer describes the morphological variation that is associated with a word class by assigning inflectional codes to each variant. The paths of such a transducer describe the modifications that have to be applied to the canonical forms and the corresponding outputs contain the inflectional information that will be produced